Reduction & Variant

"Continuing the theme of last season’s "Autumnal Fragments & Sketches", Darren Harper explores minimal, fragmented loop structures… Broken melody, granular synthesis and feedback loops. In addition to using singular elements in various ways, textured / static micro beats add a new component to Darren’s work in "Reduction & Variant". Now available on DISQ AN

Autumnal Fragments & Sketches

A series of small, Autumnal sketches and experiments that had nowhere to go, but found comfort together in this small e.p.

I hope you enjoy!!

Free download on Bandcamp


Rising Sea

Improvisational studies for Fender Telecaster and Ableton Live.
Reflections on the ever changing landscape of our planet,
and the sea-change events that are in motion...

Available on the wonderful Twice Removed Records imprint...

I hope you enjoy!


*Free bonus track available here

Awaken My Heart To A Belief In Hope

"Reflections on loss, surrender, hope, and indifference. Experiments for ReVox A77, Fender Telecaster, Piano, Field Recordings, and Ableton Live."

Available now through the wonderful Analogpath imprint!

Passages for the Listless and Tired

Very pleased to announce my new album is now available from the wonderful Dronarivm imprint.  Official release date was December 20th, and is limited to 100 copies.  It has been beautifully mastered by Jason Corder, and features wonderful design work by label curator Dmitry Taldykin.  I hope you enjoy!!


This is my contribution for the forthcoming various artist's compilation 'Fogbound' on Somehow Recordings. The album features contributions from the following artists:
1. Hakobune 2. Porya Hatami 3. Darren Harper 4. A Bleeding Star 5. Celer 6. Chihei Hatakeyama 7. Tomoyoshi Date
Released on the 25th Of September 2012. All photography has been commissioned by Julia Dewhirst and Tim David Brice. The package will be a full digi-pack (75 copies) with 8 small post cards with each release. A special edition of  F o g b o u n d will be released with a small independent poster, and limited to just 15 copies. The design and photograph for this will be kept until the morning of the release date before going live on the site, Facebook and Twitter. The cover design for the Fogbound digi-pack will be completed by Rutger Zuydervelt & is also mastered by Stefano Guzzetti
More info~
Somehow Recordings  

Tales Of Seven From Distant Shore

I'm thrilled to announce that the first edition of my ongoing collaboration with Porya Hatami, entitled 'Tales Of Seven From Distant Shore', will be released 7/11/12 on the wonderful Heart and Soul imprint! It features beautiful artwork by Azad Jannati, and has been mastered by Jason Corder.  I hope you enjoy!

Don't Be A Stranger's Mix Tape/Compilation #1

 Thrilled to announce that 'A Moment of Sun; Blanket of Snow' is included on this wonderful compilation by the new net/cassette label 'Don't Be A Stranger'

The Pursuit of Quintessence

I'm very pleased and honored to announce that 'Autumn Breeze, Steeping Stone' is included on the wonderful Somehow Recordings compilation 'The Pursuit of Quintessence'.
Somehow Recordings

Forever Itself Becomes

I'm very pleased to announce the release of 'Forever Itself Becomes'...a collaborative e.p. between myself and the very talented Seth Chrisman! It is available as a free download through the wonderful Audio Gourmet netlabel....I hope you enjoy!


Honored to have a tune included alongside so many truly wonderful artists on the new free compilation from Futuresequence!

Lavender Drift

It's my pleasure to announce that my latest release, entitled "Lavender Drift", is now available on the wonderful TwistedTreeLine imprint and as a digital download on my Bandcamp page.
I hope you enjoy!!


My new album, 'Falls' is now available on Childrenplay Records!
"Water and glass delicately whisper their secrets on gardens, light, and space for just over 35 minutes in six tracks'
All proceeds from physical CD sales donated to World Vision Charity for Children!
I hope you enjoy!

*digital reissue~

Field & Fern; Mountain & Sea

I am thrilled to announce that a collaboration between myself, and Brazilian sound design artist, Gimu, will be available on July 1st. through the wonderful Rural Colours imprint!

Suspended Memory

I've just put together a new e.p. entitled 'Suspended Memory'. This is a very special bit of work for me, as it is dedicated to the loving memory of my dear friend, Moon, and her son, Urias Gabriel, who sadly passed this last November.

I truly hope you enjoy--thanks for listening!


I have the privilege and honor of releasing a new album on the wonderful Earth Mantra netlabel.
Fractured textures and drones; Autumnal daydreams and reflections...
I hope you enjoy!

The Receding Edge

Two track e.p. with minimal, textured guitar drones and suspended synths....
Wintery daydreams...
I hope you enjoy!

Frequent Sync~Coalesce

This is the latest collaborative output by Jacob Newman and myself entitled 'Coalesce'.
The pieces of music herein are out takes from various improvisational studio sessions.
Once Again, we have the honor of releasing with the wonderful Earth Mantra netlabel.
Darrell Burgan, who heads up Earth Mantra, was kind enough to master this body of work!
I hope you enjoy!