Suspended Memory

I've just put together a new e.p. entitled 'Suspended Memory'. This is a very special bit of work for me, as it is dedicated to the loving memory of my dear friend, Moon, and her son, Urias Gabriel, who sadly passed this last November.

I truly hope you enjoy--thanks for listening!


  1. I love the music. Much appreciated.
    A small gesture in return at

    I've added a link over at and will try to send you listeners if/when I can.


  2. Thanks so much, my friend! Truly appreciated---I'm thrilled you enjoy the music!!!
    all the best!

  3. Darren - a long time ambient fan from Canada here. I've come to really appreciate your work over the past year and very often begin my workday with your music and black coffee. Thanks for all your work - I really think you're one of the finest ambient artists of this era.

  4. Thank you very much, Dave! It means so much to receive such feedback, and I am honored by your kind words!
    All the best!